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With the announcement that the 2012 Austin USA Grand Prix has gotten the green light – or should that be 5? – the 2012 F1 calendar is shaping up to be seriously exciting. The USA hasn’t been part of the Formula One Grand Prix season since the fiasco that was the race in Indianapolis back in 2007, and even this new venture looked shaky for a while, but the F1 gods (or, rather, Mr. Bernie Ecclestone) have spoken and it’s all systems go for a November 18, 2012 debut.

No doubt F1 fans from the USA will relish the opportunity to see all the thrill and excitement of one of the world’s most intense sports at a domestic venue, no international travel required. Plus, Austin is known to be a friendly, cultural and fun Texan city. Add to this a completely new, challenging and purpose-built track designed by Hermann Tilke and this new grand prix has all the ingredients to establish itself as a fan favorite on the F1 calendar.

Of course, that calendar has many iconic races on it and Austin will have to go some way to match them in their level of grandeur,excitement and general level of anticipation.

One such staple on the F1 calendar – virtually every year since 1929 – is the Grand Prix of Monaco.No other race seems to attract quite the same level of attention as this unlikely twisty street circuit that’s become a “must win” for every driver out there. It’s so impractical as a circuit, so tough to navigate, with each lap so quickly over, that the level of excitement that surrounds it is raised to a fever pitch.

Clearly, the setting doesn’t hurt either.

A sunny, glitzy, Royal sliver of land that boasts fine hotels, stunning views and gorgeous yachts bobbing in the Med. From the Tifosi clinging to the hillside in their Ferrari-red shirts to the guests watching from apartments or hotel rooms, terraces and balconies overlooking the course, everyone gets to experience the thrill that is a live Grand Prix. Plus, when the roar of the engines is bouncing off Monaco’s many tall apartment buildings that soar up the hillside, the effect is amplified even further.

If a hillside or an apartment building is not your cup of tea, there is a further alternative. Companies that will make you feel like a billionaire for a day – or, rather – 4 days – as you experience the excitement of the race from the decks of a superyacht. Companies like My Yacht Monaco give a small glimpse into what it might be like to live the highlife, lounging on a huge yacht, eating fabulous food, sipping champagne and cocktails, absorbing the F1 action and even mixing with royalty, while the cars fly past just a few feet away.And, while it may only be for a few days, telling friends “hey, I’ll be hanging out on My Yacht” has got to raise your street cred, particularly if that street is a Grand Prix circuit!

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