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Apparel retail stores in the market, mainly shops and stores in the store two separate forms. From the actual market situation, the individual's clothing store store has become the most important retail channel. Store as a business model in the domestic market, there have been nearly 20 years of history within its Yetai always in constant change and evolving.

Monopoly into the apparel retail business model since its mainstream model names have been several major changes have taken place, but behind this change is the rapid development of garment enterprises. Monopoly in the late 80's start in the clothing retail industry, there are basically call "clothing Monopoly", the early 90s is "suit Monopoly," "shirt Monopoly" "pants line" " Women Monopoly "" Sportswear Monopoly, "and so, in the late 90's into the" Younger Monopoly "," Shanshan Monopoly, "" open open Monopoly, "" Li Ning Monopoly "and other brand stores, is now on the market there," Younger flagship store "" Firs flagship store "and other forms of new stores.

From above you can see the development of specialty stores, clothing stores in the development of management product categories from the heteropolyacid to the specific process. First, relative to other such as Vice Food , Household appliances clothing industry monopoly, and then dress according to different type of monopoly, and later according to manufacturer's brand monopoly. Monopoly changes clothes from the operator point of view, is the number of manufacturers, manufacturers rapidly increase the results of product lines; from the consumer side is the market to satisfy consumers personalized, differentiated changes. Now the store has become an important manufacturer and consumer communication space, but with the number of products, types of rapid increase, consumers demand a more refined and professional, the existing monopoly model can not meet these changed.

Currently, the domestic clothing store facing a business model innovation.

The new century, with the clothing brand Marketing Increase awareness, clothing monopoly emerged large-scale, large area, high-quality "flagship" brand monopoly, but I believe that the flagship of the high investment that he can only store a display image, can not be replaced by "brand" the mainstream of the new Monopoly Monopoly business model. Monopoly new model?? Brand "Monopoly theme" seems ready.

Brand theme of monopoly is the same brand again, commercial thinning, after refining monopoly held Lieh-Li Ning Li Ning into the basket Global Services Proprietary equipment supplies, soccer apparel goods monopoly Li Ning, Li Ning travel clothing items monopoly, through refinement into Younger Younger Monopoly Golf Monopoly, monopoly golden Younger, Younger Sports & Leisure Monopoly. Monopoly is the theme of brand management in the depth of a single brand marketing strategy and practical tactics.

Theme of monopoly is the adaptation of modern commercial real estate. More mature in the city business district, the commercial undertakings of the site was little more expensive and rent to area-based "flagship" Monopoly is rare in the modern city settled the land. Theme Monopoly brand while maintaining the overall effect of unification, because of his "three noes" operating characteristics, so the situation is very suitable for modern business district property, and appropriate distribution of theme shops, can form a good network of brand, on the on the consumer market space surrounded.

Theme of monopoly is the application of experiential marketing. Monopoly as a clear theme in the theme, so more interior design, starting from the theme of the design display environment, so that consumers fully aware of the concept conveyed by clothing. If consumer goods next to the Li Ning basketball apparel specialty, first of all to see is a mosaic with the theme of the door basketball head inside the shop to see the CBA, NBA TV Lens, basketball magazine, exaggerated Koulan model, to hear the CBA, NBA live broadcast dynamic ... ... Li Ning basketball clothing basketball here has been integrated. All clothing in the environment information includes basketball, you desire to buy what little was excited out here to buy!

Theme of monopoly is the producer line expansion. Apparel business, whether the implementation of a single brand strategy, or multi-brand strategy, but a brand product line to see them always in the expansion. So, where to display in a store, will affect the actual display of results, expansion of a single shop area are affected by the real estate situation is not easy to implement. Monopoly theme of "independent winding closed his written" character, then a good solution to this.

Theme of monopoly is the scale of magnification of modern clothing, the brand features a wide range of development, consumer spending is personalized, professional, segmentation of the demand characteristics, will become the mainstream model in the retail clothing.

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