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The Nike curse in the UFC?

Nike is one of the biggest sponsorship's in the UFC to date, money-wise and notoriety, which has only been offered to a select amount of fighters (champions). Anyone else think the Nike sponsorship is "cursed" in the UFC?

If you think about it, the most recent UFC (162) Silva just got KO'd and lost the belt (2 fights after being sponsored by Nike). Junior Dos Santos lost the belt to Cain Velasquez (one fight after being sponsored by Nike) and Jon Jones almost lost to Chael Sonnen because he broke his toe (1 or two fights after being sponsored by Nike).

I'm just saying, coincidence or not, it's a little freaky.


There's no curse. If there was, Silva would have lost the fight immediately after he was sponsored. Jones was nowhere CLOSE to losing his match. JDS was also coming off of a divorce.

So far, Nike-sponsored fighters are, what, 3-2 in the UFC? They're all high-profile fighters. They're facing tough opponents. Being sponsored by Nike isn't causing anything.

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