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What can I expect for orientation for Target?

I recently received a job offer from them about a week ago and they scheduled my orientation tomorrow at 9-2 and I'm terribly nervous. What kind of paper work will be required of me to fill out? Will I receive training during said orientation? Should I wear formal shoes or something comfortable like sneakers? Will I be expected to know where everything is located in the store prior to orientation? What's the odds and ends of working cash register? What is working Hardlines consist of? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to be well informed before making a fool of myself.

In my experience working retail, 95% of most persons are reasonable.
The other 5% can be won over with a little extra TLC.
And if not, refer them to your supervisor to deal with.
Say this even a year from now.
Sorry, I'm fairly new, so excuse me while I find out (whatever)
Many persons are empathetic and will actually help you find out with you.
I know I follow the new Guy or Gal and usually have a good laugh or praise for at least trying.
What I hate is lazy people that don't want to do their job.
Relax and you may end up loving your job. Good Luck as well :o )

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