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How fancy your slideshow on website! It is absolutely the spotlight to beautify website design on PC. But if viewing this website on iPad or inserting the slide show to iPad website, can it do the same great job for iPad users? It is uncertain because iPad is extremely different layout from the traditional website. In fact, just simple settings, you can get your iPad slideshow woks well on iPad.

For iPad web design, keep two things in your mind, you should set the width in percent instead of the fixed in iPad web page; re-sizing browser window is unavailable in iPad website. For iPad slideshow, you can make it fit iPad fluid width by setting width in percent to match with iPad website of landscape and portrait mode.

iPad Slideshow can occupy less and show more in iPad web design. As image scroller, it can beautify iPad website by its stunning effect; as web scroller, you can link to the target page quickly. Now, we will learn making the iPad slideshow to fit iPad website:

1.Launch JavaScript Web Scroller and set global settings for iPad Slideshow
Launch Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller to start new image scroller, first, enter the tab "Global", and set the global width in percent; and then set scroller type as Image Only in below property for iPad website of landscape and portrait mode.

2.Add item, image and link for iPad Slideshow
Add items for iPad slideshow in List panel; and then browse the image and input the link to be your website. Click the tab "Item" and edit image and link in below property panel.

3.Publish the iPad Slides to make it fit iPad website
Publish the JavaScript code or resource files to the defined folder, and insert two pieces of code to "head" and "body" in iPad web page. Preview web scroller on Internet after uploading all the resource files to web server.

Thats the end; your iPad slideshow has been displayed, it fits well with iPad website. Making image slideshow, you should set width in percent in step1; it is important to make the iPad slideshow fit perfectly with iPad website.
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