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JX: Noriyuki Iwadare Band live concert gallery (Japanator?format=xml)

I love the music in_ Lunar: The Silver Star Story_. You know, the one back on
the Sega CD many moons ago. It was the first Japanese RPG that really moved me
in many aspects. The story was great and the anime cut scenes were something
to behold at that time. But what really stuck with me was the music. Without
it, I don't think _Lunar_ would have had as much of an impact with me. To my
delight, Noriyuki Iwadare told us during the interview that he would be
playing some of the songs from Lunar tonight live and that "Wind Nocturne" --
or, "the boat song" as many choose to call it -- was part of the set..

That song has stuck with me ever since I heard it the first time and I will
never forget it. Any time that someone wants a video game song for whatever
reason, that song is always the first on my mind no matter what. Now I got the
chance to hear it live played by the composer himself. Yes, my friends, I'm
pretty sure I nerd-gasmed in my pants once the ...


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