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Is it possible to avoid the daily exercises that the space station astronauts have to do by going into a?

custom made centrifuge (for as much time as necessary) that will spin around fast enough to give the astronauts a daily feeling of gravity.
Also known as Artificial Gravity

Obviously building a structure large enough for artificial gravity without risk of motion sickness from the Coriolis force would be too expensive but they are working on short radius centrifuges. The problem is that the head must be restrained to avoid motion sickness from the Coriolis force therefore they can only sit or stand in the centrifuge while gravitationally loaded. Personally, I think they should divide the space ship or space station into a counterweight and the habitat, use cables to connect them at the large radius needed and spin them like a bolo. Of course there would have to be some kind of transition from a rotating section a non-rotating docking grid, solar cells and microgravity research labs and you don't want such interfaces to leak or give undue amounts of friction so I think the interface should be a maglev transport pod, basically a turbolift.

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