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what do you think each nba team needs in the draft?

Boston- Point guard
New Jersey- Center with offense
New York-Defensive Center, Consistent SG
Philadelphia- Backup Point, Offensive Forward
Chicago-Trade Pick for Veteran Forward who can score
Cleveland- Cap Space, veterans
Detroit-Backup point
Indiana-Help for 0'neal, scoring guards
Milwaukee- Anyone who can play defense
Atlanta-Point guard,Strong Center
Charlotte- Trade picks for solid veterans
Miami- Youth, coachable players
Orlando-replacement for Grant Hill
Washington-Defense, F/C that can score
Dallas- Point guard with excellent passing, Post threat
Memphis- Point Guard, Defensive Center
New Orleans-SG, bench
San Antonio-Young athletic forwards
Denver-Outside Shooters, defenders
Minnesota-Consistent Point Guard
Portland-Oden,trade Randolph for a solid SG
Seattle-Durant, keep Lewis
Utah-Deeper Bench, reliable backups
Golden State-Trade Richardson, Barnes. Keep rebuilding
LA Clippers- Point Guard, good shooter
LA Lakers- Center that can catch a pass,trade picks
Phoenix- Reliable backup Point, NAsh is getting old
Sacramento- Trade Bibby, Start rebuilding

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