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For the people who are having the vehicle, they will know what the sun visor monitors are and what they can do for their using. It is a very useful and excellent consumer electronic product for us to use in our car. We can do many things with it, when we feel boring during our travel; we can get some entertainments from it as it can do many things. Here I introduce you some basic knowledge about the sun visor monitors, you can get them for your usages.
For the size: there are many sizes for the sun visor monitors, such as 12.2 inch car sun visor LCD monitor, 7 inch car sun visor monitor with DVD player + TV function, 10.2 inch sun visor monitor, 9 inch sun visor monitor and so on. You can choose any one of them according to your vehicle installation.
For the basic function: the sun visor monitors have the full basic functions for the users, such as the 12.2 inch TFTLCD car sun visor monitor can support full function remote control, it has the 12.2 inch TFT LCD screen for the users. There are two video input options. The resolution is for 1280*RGB*480. The color system is PAL or NTSC and in addition, you can go to choose five screen display mode. And such as the 7 inch car sun visor LCD monitor, you can get the movies on the bright 7 widescreen TFT active matrix display. And also you can get the crisp pictures as the high resolution and the quick response time. Of course, it has a wireless remote control. Furthermore, there are the functions for the video output and the video input, also includes the two video input.

What are more, such as the 10.2 inch sun visor monitor, there are colors for black, grey and the milk white. And the full functions wireless remote control can allow you to operate it with ease.
For the additional functions: the sun visor monitors also have some additional functions such as the DVD player, the TV function, the Gaming function and so on. That means that except for the sun visor monitors full basic functions, you also can do other things with the additional functions for it such as watch the movies, watch the TV and play the games and so on.
For the quality and the price: you can check the quality for the product and get the price about the product. Different products quality has the different price for the buyers, you can check the quality with the suppliers, and also you can do the surfing on the internet to get the much cheaper price if you want to get the sun visor monitors. These days, there are a lot of the shops in the market or on the internet with the good quality and nice price for the customers. So you should go to remember that you should get the product for the cheaper price with the good quality. No people want to get a bargain as a waste or get one for pay much more money.

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