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No one needs to be Tiger Woods or Martin Kaymer to understand and play golf. If your hands have been shivering to hold a golf club since years, all you need is a swinging spirit and a good golf court to place the golf ball on. Golfing has been the weakness and strength of men all across the globe. But no matter what, once you land on a golf court, you would rather prefer quitting cigarettes to golfing. This addictive and heart throbbing sport of golf is indeed the game of pride, intelligence and prestige.

Golf in fact resembles life in many aspects. Like the golf ball, we set out our journey of life with a little bit to stand on. We wait for the right time to hit the shot towards the goal in life. Like air and moisture, many resistances also come in our life trying to stop and deviate us from our goal. When the right opportunity comes, we have remain patient and focused on the goal and blend our experiences into that one moment to hit the ball with right power, in right direction and with the right golf club. If you make it in the first chance, you set an example to the world; other wise, the closer you land to your goal, the better. The secret of winning in life and in golf is same, balance. Hit with the right energy, neither too much, nor too less. That was a bit on philosophical end. There are many other reasons to play golf as well.

Golfing is an excellent outing option with your friends and colleagues. Many of the corporate and official issues do get solved on the golf court itself. Golfing is a combo picnic pack for families and friends.

When I worked at Michigan golf was like a national sport in my office.

My boss once asked me and my colleagues out for golfing in Macomb County Golf court. I woke up late and missed it. The next day I found that three of my colleagues had got a promotion and that decision, I bet was taken on the golf court itself. That day realized the impact of golf in life and career. Hope you don't commit the same stupidity which I did.

Best of Luck, Enjoy Golfing!

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