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ASVAB score and United States Special Forces?

I recently took my ASVAB my Junior year and scored a 82. I'm enlisting in the military next year, but I'm still contemplating particular careers. Air Force pararescue, Army Rangers, MARSOC, ect. Look very interesting. I heard you had to have a high ASVAB score for any of those (a 92 for Green Berets). Do these scores apply to enter training directly, or can you enter training from another unit without the needed score?

The raw AFQT score doesn't matter as much in comparison to your GT score. A 80+ AFQT would qualify you for most jobs but you need at least a 110 GT to be able to go the 18X route (for Special Forces) and the age for that is only waiver-able to 20 years of age.

As far as the Rangers, you can request for an Option 40 (Airborne and RASP) to be attached to your MOS as long as the 75th Ranger Regiment billets for that particular MOS, off the top of my head I know 25U (Signal Systems Specialist), 11X (Infantry), 68W (Combat Medic), 92G (Cook) and 13F (Fire Support Specialist) and a few more are slotted to join (more info at

I can't tell you anything about AF PJs or MARSOC.

It seems you're pretty deadset on joining a SOF right from the recruiting office, while not impossible it will be difficult. Teamwork, mental agility and fortitude, extreme physical fitness, emotional and psychological stability all play a role into training whether it is at RASP for the Rangers, SFAS for 18X or whatever the AF does for PJs or the Marines do for MARSOC.

Me personally, get a few years in to toughen up, it's a bit easier to submit a 4187 requesting Ranger or SF training when you're already in than trying to jump right in.

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