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Participants and guests and Chen Qijing Technical Director INTECH staff photo
Year of the Ox Chinese New Year just past, a spectacular gathering held in Yingda Heat Recycling Co., Ltd., from all over the "road king" master operation, the company participated in the INTECH at the "Ying Da 'road king 'Technical Seminar "to discuss" road king "experience. In the hands of these operations, including the use of "road king" at minus 20 on the repair of municipal road in Shenyang Shenyang municipal former "road king" manipulator in Rimbaud, China's first "road king" of the manipulators Xiao Xiaobin, Wuxi, Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed section of "10 year road king" manipulator Wu Qihua, etc., from Nanjing Shun Tong Sun kiho and Yixing municipal Xu Jian, although the use of "road king" not long, in the "road king" of use, also has a wealth of experience.

"2007 October 28 Daily 'road king' fixed network split two road subsidence disease, despite over 1 year and 4 months, but the road still had two repair formation such as new, no signs of cracking. "on the 12th morning, in the Jiangsu section of National Highway 104 Jiangning, Po Shun Tong SUN Ji-site manager to show you the" road king "in the results. "The king restored with the way road, not easily broken," Each manipulator has such a deep impression. "'Road king' effect is obvious, even in the winter construction, with the 'road king' repair most of the way diseases are no longer a bad two or three years", from Shenyang, told reporters on Rimbaud .

At 104 State Road "road king" at the construction site, ladies and gentlemen visited the Sun kiho repair road construction team the disease process, combined with his experience, for a positive discussion and demonstration.

In the afternoon at the "'road king' exchange meeting" everyone "road king" of the user experience and improvement suggestions for a more lively discussion.

Mian Xiao Xiaobin into high-speed master to share the experience of construction in rainy weather, from Shenyang, the former "road king" manipulator in Rimbaud to tell you a detailed introduction of the winter road construction and repair of bridge repairs " road king "of the use of experience, and from the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed Wu Qihua chef is on hand to tell you that their platform," road king "to use for 11 years, still maintain the excellent performance of" Evergreen secret "?? strict management system plus regular routine maintenance. Meanwhile, we also combined the use of their own feelings on the "road king" part of some of the details put forward many positive unbiased recommendations.

"Every day and these manipulators," road king "along the road, in the long run all kinds of road construction on disease management, has accumulated a wealth of experience, while the application of skills in equipment, there are also a lot of experience, This INTECH is quite a valuable asset. We will summarize the experience with all the 'road king' users to share. "

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