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The Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer Model HJ 112 is one of the most popular pedometers in the world. It is mainly used by health conscious men and women who wish to track how much they walk during the day and by joggers who wish to follow their progress.

If you walk on a regular basis or jog as a workout, then being able to track your efforts is something which can help you achieve better results. Although most people measure their workouts by either length of time or the distance they pass, tracking your steps is another and, according to some, more accurate way to gauge your progress.

But what's so special about the Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer Model hj 112 that makes it so popular?

The HJ-112 is an advanced pedometer which has many benefits most other pedometers lack:

1. It has a history of 7 days so you can easily keep track of how you did on each and every day.

2. It measures distance and calorie consumption as well as steps.

3. It measures aerobic steps as well as regular ones. Aerobic steps are those which you take after 10 minutes of steady walking and as long as you take at least 60 minutes on each step.

4. Unlike other pedometers, you don't have to clip it to your belt. You can carry it in your pocket or even in your purse, so it's much more comfortable.

5. It has a long battery life: 6 months of daily walking at 10,000 paces daily.

I've read many reviews of the Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer Model hj 112 and most are highly positive. On the whole, people find it to be an accurate, durable, and works well. It also has a 1 year warranty period, making it a safe purchase which will likely serve you well for a long time.

I believe that this product can help make your walking or joggin much more effective.

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